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noun: rabble; plural noun: rabbles
a disorderly crowd; a mob.

Rabble seemed to us to be a great name for a big group of students cheering on their team to victory.  After all, Larry and Raquel are fans of Army football and the Black Knights cheerleaders are called “Rabble Rousers.”  So, Rabble it is!

Growing up in Northeast Ohio, where football is king, in the shadow of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, we all wore our “school jackets” from a young age. We could go to the local mall, the county library or popular restaurants and find students from all across the district in their jackets. You could walk into any stadium and know immediately which two teams were playing by the sea of color on either side of the field.

With this image in mind, and after talking with the very company who had created our own childhood jackets many years ago, we decided to bring the retro look of old-school jackets to the Cypress, Texas area. Our goal? To see that sea of color once again, in the stands, at the schools, in the malls and beyond. It’s all about showing your school pride!

Rabble is truly the “family affair”. Raquel Cunningham, owner of Rabble, is an active member in the Cypress community, having run a local non-profit organization for seven years, serving as an admissions representative for the US Military Academy at West Point since 2000, and volunteering in various capacities throughout Cypress. She now works as the school nurse at Langham Creek High School. Larry Cunningham is also involved with USMA as an admissions representative to the Cy Fair ISD schools and works behind the scenes helping to create Rabble’s jackets and to vet new suppliers so that Rabble can be sure we are always bringing you quality products. Their three children all attend Cy Fair schools, help in creating Rabble’s products, and serve as walking advertisement as well.